Ator's Exhilarating Tales Of Thrilling Adventure

Christmas With the Krampus

Null, Iridessa Silvermist, Boise and Malchor traveled far north to the small town of Woodthick, a settlement deep in a snowy valley in the Crystal Mountains settled by Humans and half-Orcs. They had been dispatched to locate a scout working for Avandra’s Guardians, Dorra Veldar, who had last been heard from there. When they arrived they were met by Deputy Marrow, who welcomed them to visit their friend, but warned them to stay out of town business. Through the ramblings of an old man, they learned that the children of the village had begun to disappear, and many believed it was the work of a Demon.

The team met with the Reeve of the village, Torrash the Leader who told the adventurers that Dorra had left to return to her family. An inspection of her cottage showed that signs of force had occurred, but it appeared the home had been placed back to a decent shape. A small medallion, correctly identified as belonging to the cult of Klaubauf by Malchor, and a small blood trail was found that led off into the woods. Noting the blood was recently spilt, they decided to drive on immediately in search of the scout.

Boise and Null used tracking skills to find an ancient temple hidden deep in the cramped forest. They were immediately attacked by guards, but were able to defeat them. Fearing more guards would return and sneak up from behind, Iridessa opted to stay behind and keep watch for any dangers. The rest of the team made its way inside.

A wall of living words burned in deep crimson awaited them in the first passage, which Boise attempted to decipher. The power of the spell caused him some psychic damage, but he was able to finally read the writing: “He watches us always”. Deeper into the temple, the team was forced to jump over a magically electrified floor, a feat Malchor found difficult.

As they made their way down the corridor, they came across a ceremony being held by the Reeve Torrash. The team attempted to sneak in, but an eye located above the alter seemed to let the cult on to their presence. A fight ensued, with Torrash disappearing in the melee and into a secret room below the alter chamber. After defeating the cultists and blinding the eye, the Brawlers searched and successfully triggered the opening the reeve had escaped in.

Below the room, the team discovered Torrash was using the almost-dead body of Dorra to summon Krampus, A winter demon believed to kidnap the wicked and drag them to Hell. The missing children in turn were being brainwashed and transformed by Krampus’ evil magic and became twisted creatures that tore at the adventurers. While the Tavern Brawlers were able to beat back the horrid monster, the Krampus escaped through the portal, vowing revenge.

The Reeve was defeated, with the Deputy taking control of the village for the time being. The magic wore off the children with Torrash’s defeat, and they returned home. After a small rest, the team decided to do the same.


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